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Stories Behind the ‘Jilted’ Jewelry

Engagement rings for sale on
Emily J. Mitchell

What does one do with an engagement ring after a relationship dissolves? Josh Opperman can help you with that. His website,, launched as an online outlet to sell so-called jilted jewelry.

Sellers post pictures and descriptions of their rings for sale, everything from size, color, and cut to official certification materials. The real gems? The “stories” behind each ring… and why it is up for sale. Read more about the launching of in the October 2013 issue of SUCCESS, but in this web exclusive, find the fascinating stories of these five engagement rings below.

The $10,000 Virgin Ring

At almost $10,000, this ring is not cheap. But talk about an egalitarian ending. This ring was never worn in a mutual decision to not marry.

The Young and the Restless

This 1.4 carat Princess cut ring was with this couple (who married young) for 7 years. But its seller wants you to know that post-split, both parties “still have a positive friendship and have both moved on to happy, healthy relationships.” 

Voodoo Certified

This one carat Radiant cut rose gold ring comes with a story of a bride gone rogue. Bad karma? Not for this ring… the owner has taken it to a voodoo shop to “have any bad mojo removed.”

I Love You But I’m Moving to Australia

This Tacori ring was purchased for nearly $30,000… you can purchase it here for nearly half-price. The groom chose his career in Australia over his bride.

‘I said, no, no, no.’

While not much information about the ring is described in this post, the seller included plenty of details about the failed relationship. A second chance was not enough for these long-distance lovers. “He gave me all three rings to take on my flight, not saying a word. It wasn't until I arrived home that he was saying I needed to return the rings to the jewelers. I said, no, no, no. You are going to get me to return rings for you so that you can avoid paying more $; I don't think so.” 

Post date: 
Sep 10, 2013


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