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Our Mission

Unlike any other time in human history, people need to continually keep up with expanding knowledge and perpetually develop new skills to stay relevant and sustain their lifestyles.

SUCCESS Magazine

In every issue of SUCCESS magazine we will strive to bring you the thought leaders and success experts, both past and present, and reveal their key ideas and strategies to help you excel in every area of your personal and professional life. You also will be provided a unique window into the lives, practices and philosophies of today’s greatest achievers—top CEOs, revolutionary entrepreneurs and other extraordinary leaders.

SUCCESS is the only magazine that focuses on people who take full responsibility for their own development and income. SUCCESS readers understand that the world has changed and the classic employer-to-employee relationship has changed from a patriarchal to a transactional one. No longer can you expect a corporate training program and a predictable growth track. Our readers understand and embrace that they are responsible for their own long-term success and happiness, and need to be proactive in finding the inspiration, motivation and training to achieve their goals. Some may choose to start their own business but will prefer to keep it small—what some would call a micro business—so they will always have total control and visibility over its growth, spirit and contributions to society. SUCCESS readers desire the freedom and control to make all meaningful business decisions. SUCCESS magazine offers advice on best business practices, inspiration from major personalities in business and entertainment, and motivation to improve their mind and body so that our readers are in the best possible mental and physical shape to compete and reach their goals.’s mission is the same, but also addresses the needs of a generation who have entered the workforce after the rules changed. This generation lives in a highly-competitive world where immediate performance is critical and most of the skills needed to succeed are self-generated. offers a more individualized approach to inspiration, motivation and training by delivering the content in a faster, immediate and topical way through multimedia platforms.

Designed for those who work, learn and leisure on the go, our digital products deliver customized information based upon the user’s needs and can be accessed at the exact time our users need the information, whether it is on our mobile app, shared socially in their social media feeds, delivered straight to their inbox or found as morning inspiration when they sit down to their desk and type to start the day. Our users take with them into their jobs and use it as their own career coach while competing to improve personally and professionally.

Both SUCCESS magazine and readers understand and value the fact that they are empowered to control their own destiny. Our products are a key resource in their continued growth, leadership and motivation.

SUCCESS magazine is published by SUCCESS Partners (formerly VideoPlus). The company was established 25 years ago and provides personal development and training materials to support the direct sales field, including custom and sponsored publications such as Success from Home and Your Business at Home.


The Leadership Team

Darren Hardy, Publisher

Darren Hardy is the visionary force behind SUCCESS magazine as its Publisher. As a business leader in the success industry for two decades, Darren has had unique access to the most successful people on the planet, including Jack Welch, Donald Trump, Howard Schultz, Charles Schwab and many more. He has uncovered the secrets to their success and now reveals them to us.

Darren mentors many of today's high-performing CEOs, advises many large corporations and sits on the board of several companies and non-profit organizations.

Darren is also a highly sought after keynote speaker, media contributor and the New York Times bestselling author of The Compound Effect and Living Your Best Year Ever. His latest book is The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, available March 2015.

Darren champions the message of success, hope and abundant opportunity to a reach of over 3 million people each month through the pages of SUCCESS magazine, his blog, Twitter, Facebook and before live audiences of entrepreneurs across the country. Darren distills the best of the best information and strategies available, mixing in his own street-tested principles of success to mentor and empower millions of entrepreneurs globally.


Susan Kane, Editor-in-Chief

Susan Kane joined SUCCESS in 2011 as the Editorial Director of The Parenting Group and Editor-in-Chief of the 2-million circulation magazine Parenting. During her tenure, was nominated for a National Magazine Award. Previously, Kane was Editor-in-Chief of Babytalk  magazine, where she received two nominations for the National Magazine Award, one of which snagged the win.

In her role at SUCCESS, Kane leads the editorial team in providing entrepreneurial-minded achievers and small businesses with compelling content and tools that give them a competitive advantage in achieving their personal and professional goals.


Editor, Lisa Ocker

After working as a daily newspaper reporter and editor of the Boca Raton magazine in South Florida, Lisa Ocker joined SUCCESS in 2007 and helped re-launch the brand in 2008.

Managing Editor, Mary Vinnedge

Before becoming SUCCESS managing editor, Mary Vinnedge had served as an editor and writer for publications such as The Dallas Morning News, Dallas Times Herald, Charlotte Observer and Design NJ magazine.

Features Editor, Josh Ellis

Josh Ellis is the features editor for SUCCESS. He loves a good story (in long form or short), is an aspiring foodie, a P1 and a fan of the Texas Rangers, traveling and dinosaurs.

Associate Editor, Jesus Jimenez

Jesus Jimenez is the associate editor for SUCCESS. He eats, breathes and sleeps Texas Rangers baseball. He also enjoys playing tennis, traveling and buying cool socks.

Copy Editor, Peter Tepp



Digital Asset Production Manager, Mariana Lenox

Mariana Lenox is the Digital Asset Production Manager, responsible for producing the monthly SUCCESS Audio CD and SUCCESS Audio Series. She enjoys gaming and created the movie blog Reel and Unscripted.

Digital Asset Coordinator, Heather Tipton

Heather Tipton is the Digital Content Specialist for SUCCESS and a lifelong bookworm. She prefers reading at night by lamplight in the comfiest armchair imaginable.  


VP, SUCCESS General ManagerJim McCabe



Director of Digital Content and Social Media, K. Shelby Skrhak

Shelby Skrhak is the Director of Digital Content and Social Media for, where she previously served as Managing Web Editor. She founded the deals site inspired by a funny looking dog. She's a southpaw and thinks her great penmenship should be made into a font. 

Digital Managing Editor, Jessica Krampe

Jessica Krampe is Editorial Content Coordinator for A graduate from the University of Missouri, she's worked for national magazine publications and websites—and she's lived in the Midwest, the Big Apple, sweet home Alabama and, now, the Lone Star State.

Social Media Coordinator, Ashley Chimal

Ashley Chimal is the Social Media Coordinator for 



Business Manager, Keenan Ivy

Product Marketing and Development Manager, Hugh Murphy

SUCCESS Product Development Manager, Jessica Esparza

Web Designer, Jennifer Anderson


Advertising and Circulation

Director of Advertising and Circulation, Vicky Pinsky

Newsstand Consultant, John Morthanos



SUCCESS Speakers

Speaker Services Manager, Sondra Ulin



Creative Director, Carl Waters

Senior Art Director, Amy McMurry

Contributing Photo Editor, Mark Perlstein



Production Manager, Alan Dwelle

Production Artist, Christian Stovall


SUCCESS Partners

CEO, Stuart Johnson

COO, Mark Layton

Senior VP, Marketing, Paul Adams

VP, Publishing and Brand Experience, Meridith Simes

Chief Brand Officer, Wayne Moorehead